This special edition of GAMEBOIZ is a BOMBSQUAD episode.  The Gameboiz like to participate in physical endeavors and the BOMBSQUAD is their team.  This year they have a few tasks on the books. One is a 10k in Big Bear Mountains and an OCR at ANGEL STADIUM.  This year there are two new additions to the BOMBSQUAD, Jonathan Tynes and Stephen Roth.  Listen in as the Squad mentally prepares themselves for 2020.

 Our hosts sit down with local funnyman, Jackson Lind.  He brings a laid-back charm and a sharp wit to this episode of The Buddycast.  We hope you enjoy it! 

January 14, 2020

The Buddycast #23: ZERO

Our hosts love to chat.  Sit in on this conversation with Aaron Chase, George Ferido and the man, the myth, the legend; ZERO.  Catch Zero at the Ontario Improv on March 3rd.  Buy your tickets now!

The world isn't always black and white, but this podcast is.  Enjoy!

Hosts William Henderson and George Ferido journey through life and report about their experiences, their thoughts, and the shortcomings of the Sony Brand.

One is bitter like vinegar, the other is a nig....Night....Night-guy....

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