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August 9, 2020

Gameboiz #56: Top Tenz

William Henderson and George Ferido sit to talk about the Top Ten Selling Consoles of all time. 

Aaron continues to change up skills and his focus to become the best comic. 

Zero decides it's time to learn a little bit about each other so he asks Aaron a series of questions.

Today we have Gil Fierro, a man who bakes the best special pastries around. 

August 6, 2020

ACMM: #189 The Last Dance

Aaron Chase gives up on his creepy obsession with Dave Chappelle and has now transferred that stalker energy towards MJ because of this documentary. I'd suggest you watch it before listening. 

Aaron Chase discusses what he's learned when it comes to merch. And will be learning from Juan Cias as well. 

Aaron opens up about working at a strip club.

Hosts George Ferido and William Henderson highlight some new releases and discuss the Software of Sony's Next-Gen Console...Freakin' Nerds...

Aaron Chase thinks about where he lives and how it effects him.

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