Johnny Gold's arrows blot out the sun on this episode, so we're podcasting in the SHADE.  Truth and honesty are what has become Johnny's Gold standard.  No comedian is safe when Gold is in the room.  From new faces on SNL to the greenies who just started comedy, Johnny has something to say for each. and. every. one. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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Brew yourself a hot cup o' Joe and sit down with the Boiz.  We talk tech, we talk games and we talk sh*t.  Ready? Game on!

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This episode features the youngest looking old guy on the circuit, Christopher Keith Tyler.  Christopher shares his life and positivity with William Henderson and George Ferido.  What are some crazy first-job stories you have?

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Before he moves to New York, Frankie Hoy needed to be a guest on The Buddycast.  George, Will and Frankie all crack open a cold one and share some hot takes on life, liberty and the pursuit of Comedy.  Someone also FALLS OFF THEIR CHAIR whilst recording.  Can you spot who did!?  

The Boiz go through Sony's list of up and coming next-gen games.  Some are winners, some are snoozers.  Which games are you looking forward to?

With fresh antibodies in his system, Joe Beltran sits down on this episode of The Buddycast and discusses his 2021 thus far.  From care packages to comedy shows, Joe has been grinding hard; save for one specific moment in time....

The 1995 hit movie MORTAL KOMBAT is how we're celebrating 100 episodes.  Join us, pull up Mortal Kombat on Netflix, hit play at exactly 3:57 into this podcast and enjoy some top notch commentary on all things Kombat.  George drops factoids, William brings his colonizer insight and together its just two bros watching a movie.  Thank you to those that have stuck with us for 100+ episodes of Gameboiz.  It's been a treat!  Heres to 100 more!



Guest Sergio Mendez drops by TBSco Studios for a chat with the gang.  On this episode Sergio shares how he stumbled upon Inland Empire Comedy and what he's learned so far on his FIRST YEAR in Stand-up.  Listen in as The OG's of the Buddy System shoot the breeze with this greenie.  Enjoy!

George and Will wax unpoetically about Blades, Games and Armageddon Events.  KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR EP 100!!!!

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